How to register a domain name and hosting space

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This article will try explain step by step instructions on registering your own domain name,

hosting space and how to upload.


Hosting Space

What is Bandwidth

What is the difference between Windows and Linux host?

Domain Name

So many hosting and domain registration websites, simple please

How to Upload a website



For your website you need somewhere to store all your files. Documents, Images, etc.

Pricings for hosting can vary from $3.95 up to $15 or more per month, depending on a

few things (Number of Visitors, large files hosted, images)


What is bandwidth?

Each hosting plan you look at has a bandwidth limit, this is normally a per month limit,

if you look at bandwidth like a bunch of cars on a highway it tells you how many cars

are allow to go on a highway before you need to add another lane, it also means that

only a certain amount of cars can go via that highway per month. If you have big video file

(a large truck) it takes up more bandwidth. Smaller files/images mean smaller cars,

meaning more traffic can go through, so try making files small if possible.


What is the difference between Windows and Linux host?

When you see on a hosting website, “Windows server” or “Linux server” then its giving you

the option on what programming language your website is written in. Talk to your webmaster

about this. PHP programming language runs on Linux systems and ASP programming language runs

on Windows systems.

Domain Name: You buy your hosting or host it on your own machine; You need a simple way to

point to your hosting space. For your website to look professional and easy to remember you can

register your own domain name. A domain name is looks like: “” or “”

etc. They come in many extensions, the most common being .COM. Domain names are extremely cheap

now days and I’d recommend.


So many hosting and domain registration websites, simple please:

I’ve used the internet for a while now and there’s hundreds and hundreds of

hosting website and domain name registration places, one that I’d have to recommend would

be Cheap Domain Seller sells both Domain Name and hosting,

if buying both they give discounts ($1.99 domain names, $3.95/mo hosting),

One click install scripts(forum, photo galleries,blogging) and much more.

All with


Basic plan for a medium size website via the website:

Economy Plan:

• 5 GB Space • 250 GB Transfer

• 500 Email Accounts • FREE! Software

• 10 MySQL Databases • 50 Email Forwards

• Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries • No ads


How to upload a website:

If via the above plan, you can use the program “Microsoft frontpage” or FTP to

upload your website. There are many free FTP clients such as a program called “smart ftp”.

For full details on how to connect to your website hosted on

check out their website.