Link Popularity Means More Traffic

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The first place that a potential customer goes to find a product or service on the

internet is a search engine. The higher you are listed in a search engine the better the

possibility of your site being found. If the potential customers do not find you in their search,

chances are that they will not visit your site and as a result you will not have an opportunity

at making a sale with that prospect.

What has this all got to do with link popularity? Well, link popularity refers to the

ranking assigned to your website by the search engines. It determines the ranking or positioning

your page gets when keywords are entered into a search engine by a potential customer when looking

for a product or service. The higher the position the more likely a prospect will find and click

onto your site.


There are a few things you should be aware of and guard against in your quest for link popularity.

These can be summed up in two words: Quantity and Quality

You will not achieve link popularity just by linking up with a large number of other websites.

In fact, it may work against you.

There are web sites that are known as “link farms” containing line after line of indiscriminate links.

Search engines will discriminate against your website if you are associated with a link farm,

so steer clear of them!

The quality of the site you are linking to is also super important.

So be sure to check out the site you are linking to before you commit to linking.

If you have any reservation about your visitors seeing that you are linking to a site that

is indiscriminate and cheap, forget about it. Linking to sites of poor quality will only

lessen your link popularity, if not completely destroy it.


Here are some things you need to do to achieve link popularity and improve your rankings

on the popular search engines.

The fastest way to get your foot in the door is to get a listing on some popular directories.

You can do this manually or with the aid of software. There are several excellent software products

on the market and when you consider the cost versus the time, you can decide which course is

best for you.

The next step after you have attained directory listings is to locate other quality sites that

will increase your link popularity. Try to find sites that are in some way related to yours,

so not only will your link popularity increase, but your customer base may also be expanded.

You want to avoid your competitors and look for sites that are useful to your site’s visitors.

For instance, if you are selling life insurance, someone selling health insurance would be a

good link choice. By linking to a related site that will be relevant to your website’s traffic,

you are increasing both of your site’s business prospects – and both of your sites’ link popularity.


Remember, your criteria are quality, highly ranked, non-competing websites that have a

link or resources page. Go to these sites and objectively assess them. Look at the quality of

the product, the graphics, and the ease of use. Then check out the other sites they are linked to,

and determine if your own site would fit in with this crowd. Again you can do this manually,

or with a software program.

There is a lot of hard work over an extended period of time invloved to get a high ranking with

search engines. Other than some software programs to assist you there are no shortcuts to

achieve link popularity. So be prepared for a long journey to the top.

This is one of those areas where patience, commitment, and persistence pay off. Good Luck!


P.S.: You want to be sure to have an attractive and interesting site or you will never

persuade anyone to link up to you.