How to earn using your PayPal Philippines account

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So you already signed up for a PayPal Philippines account.

Do you know you can earn by referring others to PayPal? It’s possible using PayPal’s

Merchant Referral Bonus Program.


Here’s how it work:

Start by logging in to your PayPal account.

Go to the “Referrals” section and get your personalized referral link or banner that you can

use to invite others to PayPal.

Each time a new merchant signs up for a PayPal Business or Premier account via your

link or banner, you’ll immediately start receiving 0.5% of their payment volume, up to US$1,000.*

As soon as your Referred Merchant has used PayPal to receive a total of US$200.00,

you will receive your initial bonus of $1.00 USD, which will be deposited directly into your

PayPal account.

In addition, you will receive a residual payout equivalent to 0.5% of the total amount of

the merchant’s PayPal payments for 12 months after the initial creation of the account.

You are eligible to receive bonus payouts for the first 12 months of the Merchant’s account

ownership. PayPal will send your initial payout within one week of the Merchant reaching the

initial US$200.00 while Residual Payouts will be made no sooner than every 30 days after the transaction.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. [Click and drag to move]


Start inviting your friends now to PayPal Philippines!

* In order for you to receive the Bonus, the Referred Merchant must: (1) sign up for a PayPal

Business or Premier Account through your link; (2) become a verified user;

and (3) not already have a PayPal Personal, Business, or Premier account at the time of the referral.

-Pinoy Money Talk