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March 30, 2009


A lot of people have been writing us in the past asking why we don’t recently feature a lot of

“make money online” opportunities. The simple answer is that we can’t find a lot of

genuine online income opportunities.

Most of the money-making schemes found on the internet, especially those which ask for an

“investment” in exchange for future “profits”, are scams.

There are some, like Paid to Click (PTC) or other Get-Paid-To programs, that pay but a lot

of time is needed in return for meager cents.

Genuine programs like Google Adsense are starting to show a decline in earnings so those

starting out may now have to double their efforts to earn a few dollars.

Fortunately, a genuine make-money-online program has been recently introduced for Filipinos.

Last week, Clickbank has started accepting affiliates from the Philippines.


Clickbank is not an entirely new way to earn money on the internet.

It has been in existence for several years now and, in the past, Filipino affiliates are

welcome but Clickbank decided a few years ago to stop getting members from the Philippines

possibly due to online fraud and invalid earnings.

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing program — which means you, as an affiliate,

earn money when a sale of a product you are promoting is made. The product doesn’t have to be owned

or made by you. The Clickbank marketplace has thousands of sellers with thousands of products

where you can be an affiliate of.


So how exactly do you make money through Clickbank? Here are the basic steps.

* 1. Register for an account at Clickbank.

* 2. Once accepted, browse through their Marketplace and choose the products you want to promote.

There are several categories and products so you won’t run out of things to earn money from!

* 3. Generate the Clickbank hoplink (or referral link) for the product you wish to promote.

Make sure you copy this correctly because this is the only way for Clickbank to track earnings.

* 4. Advertise your hoplinks any way you want! Make a blog post about it, link it on your sidebar

or links page, email it to your friends (but don’t spam) or create a site about it.

(Our sample Clickbank hoplinks can be found on the right.)

* 5. Wait for your earnings to come.


Happy earning! -pinoy money talk