With People Aplenty, Twitter Aims to Cut Through the Noise

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Twitter is one busy beehive of chatter these days. People on the service now post more than

a billion Twitter messages every three days, and the company is adding more than a

million users each week.

With all that noise, Twitter is looking for ways to help people find information they

will actually care about.

On Tuesday, the company said it had updated the algorithm and design of its Discover feature,

which was introduced last year.


In a blog post on the company’s Web site, Satya Patel, Twitter’s vice president of product,

said Discover had been redesigned to highlight why each featured “story” mattered and to make

it easier for people to “join the conversation.” The page focuses on content that is popular among

the people you follow, and the people they follow, too, and it shows which Twitter users shared a

particular story. The update to Discover will soon be added to Twitter’s mobile apps.

At the Wired Business Conference in New York on Monday, Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief executive,

said the Discovery update was meant to organize the flood of content flowing into Twitter as

more people sign up for the service.

Discover “is our opportunity to help you understand what’s happening on Twitter right now that’s

relevant to you, on top of your timeline or any accounts you’re following,” Mr. Costolo said.

“It’s based on what we think your interests are.”

Twitter is not the only company trying to organize the information flowing through social outlets.

Prismatic, a social news discovery site, aims to help people delve into topics by monitoring links

shared on Twitter.