How to setup PayPal and integrate it with a Philippine Bank

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Last Friday, one of LNS new sales force was asking me for an instruction how to register

PayPal and have it integrated in an Eon account in the Philippines so here it is.


Step1. Goto and click in sign-up. You will be asked to fill up information related to you.

Here are some informations needed in registering PayPal:

Email Address

Password – This must be entered twice

Your first name, middle name, last name


Full address including country, zip code

Your home or work telephone number for verification purposes


Step2. After registering. You already now have a PayPal. You may use the paypal already but even if

you receive some payment or money there, it will still cannot be withdrawn so what you need is to go

to UnionBank and ask for an EON Account. The card is no more than P300.00.

I think there is no other bank that can be used in setting up paypal except UnionBank.

So you have to open an account and wait for a week to get the eon card. You need to have at least

Php100.00 balance to start.


Step3. As soon as you get the eon account. Usually it will take a week to process.

Now as soon as you have the eon account. Please log-in at and look for the

ENROLL your EON Account there. It will ask you your credential so make sure you have it all.

After filling up all information, please wait 2 days for it to be activated.


Step4. After 2 days, please go back to and click eonaccount button then log-in

your account id and password. YOUR DONE WITH THE EON REGISTRATION.


Step5. Now go to then login and add your EON account in the add bank button.

You will be needing some information and you will also needing the CVV code of the debit card of

Eon Account. You can find the 3 or 4 numbers at the back of the credit card.

Note: PayPal will try to bill you in your Eon Account P1.00 for verification and he will ask you to

get the last 4 digits in the transaction which can be found in your Eon Account online transaction bill.


Step6. As soon as you get verified. Your bank is now synch with your Eon Account.

You can now withrdaw your PayPal money and it will beposited in your bank account within 2-4 days

by logging in to

Note: A P500.00 charge if you will widraw the money less than P7,000.00,

else all transactions fees won’t have charges.


Thanks! I hope this helps.