Submitting Your Site To Directories For Free Links)

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If you’re like most webmasters, you’re always looking for ways to get links to your site.

Of course, if they’re one way links, all the better! Well, submitting your site to directories not

only offers you one ways, you can get them for free.

If you follow a few rules when submitting your site to various directories, you’ll greatly increase

the number of directories that accept your link, so increasing the number of links you get.

Many directories publish a comprehensive list of rules for submitting to their site, but here are a few

general rules that will put you in good stead.


1) No promotional language – avoid promotion type language in your title and description.

Avoid things like “click here” “save big”, etc.


2) Don’t keyword stuff – While you want your keywords in your title and description as possible,

don’t stuff them with your keyword. You want it to look official and natural.


3) Give valid contact info – When you submit your listing, use yourreal name and email address.

It will greatly increase your chances of acceptance.


4) Submit to the deepest relevant category – Don’t submit to a main category unless there is not

a subcategory that fits your site. For examle, should be submitted to

Computers > Internet > Search > Search Engines, not just to the Computers category


5) Site guidelines – in general, directories will only accept unique, content rich sites.

Most directories will not accept Adsense sites, scraper sites, doorway pages, etc.


6) Submit your homepage – Don’t submit sub-pages unless the directory states you may – most directories

will deny sub-page listings.


Bonus tip – Here’s a way to greatly speed up your directory submissions. Use a form fill plug in for

your browser that automatically fills in your url, title, description, etc. I use and recommend RoboForm,

but you may find a better free one somewhere.