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Ideally, once you get traffic to your site, it will remain a high-traffic site–WRONG.

Most people when surfing are looking for information-valuable information, about everything from money,

news, products, jobs, etc. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure that the content you provide

on your website is of good quality and true (to the best of your knowledge, lying will only come back to

bite you in the butt). So ask yourself, does this information give my visitors what they are looking for,

or does it provide a solution to a problem? Also, do I provide them with other useful information along

within their search, or places to go to get more free info?


Search engines love free information just as much as consumers do, try providing a free subscription,

e-book, or newsletter to bring free traffic to your site. Its sites whom provide valuable information

that receive repeat visitors AND referrals. It’s also important that you place keywords on your site.

This will help you receive higher rankings in the search engines and here’s why; when keywords are typed

into search engines the search engines send out “spiders” which are programs that crawl across the

web indexing pages automatically with the listed keywords located on them-so the more words you have

relating the search, the better. Also, don’t overdo meta-tags, though they can increase visibility,

most search engines use them as a flag for potential abuse, and if abuse is detected the search engine

will issue a penalty.


Lastly, try to provide information on other topics, or sub-topics on your site, for example, if your site

is about giving piano lessons, you may want to provide information about where one can go online to

find pianos or sheet music. If you already own a business and are looking to expand it online your

best bet is to go with a favorable SEO company; especially if your looking to see your site placed in a

top 20 ranking in the search engines, which will increase your visibility, conversion rate and

increase profits.