The Power Behind E-books

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Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about e-books? Why are they so popular?

Would you be able to write your own e-book? These are just a few of the questions we will

answer in today’s article.

E-books are found almost everywhere on the internet. There are even libraries where you can download

free e-books onto your computer. Many of these e-books are free because they are in the public domain,

but there are some that have been written specifically to boost advertising.

We are now living in the “information age” where people want to get valuable input quickly and easily.

This is where e-books lead the way in a world where information is so often sought after.

The contribution of e-books to the internet marketplace is one of the forerunning advertisement methods

in use today.


How is it used to promote your business?

By offering e-books to those people who visit your site, you are allowing your visitors to know a bit

more about the product/service you are promoting. By writing on a topic that you are familiar with

you set yourself up as an expert in your particular field.

By using a form to capture your visitor’s names and email addresses you are also building up your

very own opt-in mailing list. Is it any wonder that so many people are using this as a viral

marketing tool?

Perhaps you are wondering how you too can get on the bandwagon of writing e-books to help boost

the traffic to your website or organization.

Obviously, first you must write the e-book. What should you write your e-book on? Your e-book

should be based on information that you are already familiar with. Do you have a particular

niche that you would like to promote? Then write according to your expertise.

For example, if you are a dog lover, you could write a book about taking proper care of canines,

or write about a particular type of dog that you are familiar with. It is more advantageous to

write about something concerning your particular market but writing about a complimentary market

could also bring you leads that you can use to boost your business.


The important point is to get your name out in the public eye of the internet community so that

they will look to you for the expert advice that you can offer.

What if you cannot write a book? You may have ideas and know what you want to talk about but

you are unable to compose your thoughts in a clear, precise manner. In this situation, all is not lost.

You can hire, usually for a small fee, someone else to write the book for you. This is called

“ghostwriting” and is actually a very common practice.

To hire a ghostwriter it is your responsibility to make sure that he/she knows what it is you

wish to convey in your e-book and they will go about and write the book for you.

You pay them to write the e-book but it is your name that appears as the author.

Once your book is written it must be converted to either an html file or a .pdf file.

This is a simple process with a .pdf converter. I personally use PDF995.

This is a free converter with an advertisement each time you use it.

To get rid of the advertisement there is a small one-time fee of $9.95.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is able to show the file in its own window and can be downloaded free at .

Now that you have the knowledge, the rest is up to you. The power behind e-books is the leverage

it will give you in the internet marketplace. Get started today.