Flash Web Pages – Overkill for Computer Consulting

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Flash web pages might look cool but they are an ineffective way to use your website.

For most start ups we find they waste a ton of time and money putting together a mega website.

Computer consultants design flash web pages because they can and because they think their site needs

to be like Yahoo or Amazon or something like that. They don’t need to be and here’s why:


Three Reasons Not To Use Flash Web Pages

The reality is, your website is not that important of a marketing tool.

With or without flash web pages, your website should be the equivalent of an online version of your brochure.

You shouldn’t be looking to make your website a big demand vehicle.

The main people who will benefit from your fancy flash web page are your competitors.

They will be the ones poking around to see what you are doing.

Flash web pages are not efficient and they will not help you with search engine rankings.

There are many criteria that go into creating high rankings and the specifics are beyond this discussion.

However, flash web pages load slowly and this is a deterrent to high rankings.

It is also annoying to the people browsing.

The biggest problem with flash web pages though, is that they are often totally barren and devoid of

any benefit focus. Flash web pages are mainly ego driven: They say, :Me, me, me, we are, we are, we are.”

Instead of focusing on the customer and what they want, flash web pages focus the attention on

the seller themselves.


The Bottom Line on Flash Web Pages

Flash web pages are going to be a huge overkill unless you are planning to go after high-end

website design. If you are like most computer consultants, you will be putting together a three,

four, or five page website that you can put together on Microsoft Front Page on a Saturday morning or

over a weekend. Incorporating flash web pages into that mix complicates the matter and it convolutes

your message. Simply put: Just DON’T Do It.