Spy Phone Accessories

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Using a spy phone is a great way to get information and evidence. However, there are plenty of

supplementary tools to go with your spy phone to help you make your detective work and information

gathering more efficient. Some of these accessories include recorders that not only record the

conversation but also decode the phone number dialed, a room monitor that can be used with any

telephone, and a transmitter device disguised rather effectively as a phone jack.

All of these tools can make your spying more effective.

A conversation recorder that can help you know what number was dialed out can be a very useful

complement to your spy phone needs. It allows the recording of both sides of the telephone conversation,

and it also records the pulse or tone signals used to dial out. This means that you can check and

see what numbers were dialed out on the phone, and match those up with the properly recorded phone



Monitors that work with your spy phone needs are very effective and useful.

These are sleek little devices that are very discreet; they look like a small device that one might

see lying near a computer or near other electronic equipment. You can leave it in your office or

at home and listen in when you are away. Its access is through the phone line, so you use a telephone

receiver to listen in. It hears everything that is going on in a room, so you can be there even when

you are not.

Finally, you can increase your spy phone capability by making use of a dual modular adapter.

This is in actuality a radio frequency transmitter that sends two sides of the conversation to your

listening post. All you need is an FM receiver and you can listen in. It works just like a regular

phone jack, so your subject will not suspect a thing as you make use of your spy phone technique.

With the right accessories, you can improve your capabilities, especially when it comes to phone

conversations. The phone is one of the most used communication devices, and so with the help of

accessories you can be more effective in your spy phone use.