Two Online Payment Processing Options for Home Businesses

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Do you want your home business to accept credit cards online? However, you are not sure where

to start? Obtaining a merchant account is easy if you know what to look for and know what you want

for your business. If you own a home business, don’t feel alienated by the need to accept online payments.

Here are 2 online payment options that may be worth researching for your home business.

PayPal is an online payment option available for all businesses that have a PayPal merchant account.

PayPal is a great way for businesses to “test the waters” without having to pay overhead or make a

long commitment. Additionally, they only charge on a per transaction basis.

Pay Pal makes it very easy for businesses to apply for an account. Also, they provide tools to

help implement the online payment option on your web site.


PayPal is a trusted name in online payment options and a very popular form of payment.

Your customer would click a button on your web site to pay. Your customer will then enter

their credit card information on PayPal’s web site. Then your customer is taken back to your site

after the payment has been processed.

Another online payment option is to have a merchant account. Merchant accounts allow you to

accept all types of credit cards. The big benefit to having a merchant account is that you

can accept major credit cards as a form of online payment and the entire shopping experience

takes place on your web site.

Having control of the entire shopping experience provides many benefits to your business.

I believe the best benefit is that your client does not leave your web site.

There is less chance of the shopping process to fail and you do not have to worry about out site

technologies that are not in your control. Another major advantage is that all the data is in your

data base and available for your use. You can have custom reports developed to analyze the data and

use for your advantage.


Having a merchant account may require a contract period of 6 months to a year and there is also an

approval process involved. Depending on the bank that maintains your merchant account,

you may be required to pay minimal fees each month. Even if you do not sell any products during

this time you are almost guaranteed to pay a minimum payment to the bank. In my opinion an online

merchant account is optimal if you plan on building your business. However, you should know the costs

and commitment when you apply for one.

If you are not sure about what route to take your business, you may want to start out with a

PayPal account. A PayPal account does not require a contract and there is no approval process to

get started. Once you have decided that accepting credit cards is beneficial to your business,

then apply for a merchant account and build for the long term.