Keyword Generators: A Useful way to Increase Website Traffic

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Once a website is created, all webmasters have a wish of directing web traffic in the direction

of their website. Although this process may seem to be a complicated one, it is actually not a

complicated process. All that is mainly required are search engines and keywords.


Keywords are actually words that are used by viewers searching for information in the internet.

These keywords can be bought from a search engine company so that appropriate ad banners can be

displayed when a viewer searches a particular word. If one aims at getting a high search engine

placement for a relevant search, the website much contains the appropriate positioning and density

of keywords related to the search terms used. A keyword generator is a tool that is used to generate

the most popular keywords and word phrases that people use to search websites from the search engine.

All that one has to do is to write a keyword that is related to your business wherein the keyword generator

automatically generates the most popular keywords for that business. So by using a keyword generator,

one can find the keyword that people will use to look for your product or service,

and then incorporate this keyword in your website through articles or the text of the website.

It can be seen that with the use of search engines, people use words from keyword generators to

link a user to their specific sites. So in a way, the keyword generator is indirectly responsible

for the increase in the web traffic to a site. However, the search engine finds the particular

website using a few criteria. The ranking of the website page in the search engine is dependant on

the amount of text that there is in a page, the text/keyword ration of the content pages,

the web design that is implemented in the website and the amount of backward links there are to the site.

So a website carrying these characteristics can be considered optimized as they are optimal for

search engine use and categorization. In conjunction with search engines, keywords are essential

in connecting the right websites with the right customers.


So now comes the part of choosing the right keywords for your website.

While choosing the keywords, it is but obvious that the most obvious keywords will come to mind first.

However, in most cases, these initial keywords should be discarded as if these keywords are entered

into a search engine text box, it will result in thousands of sites relating to those keywords.

This will of course then make it many years for your website to achieve a top ten ranking in the

search engine results; which is the most desirable place to be on a search engine results list.

Therefore it is better to choose keywords and keyword phrases that people use, but are not

extremely difficult to compete with.

Using the right keywords, it is very easy for you to target the type of traffic that you are

seeking to your website. Using improper keywords that do not get searched regularly is of little

or no value to you. To get maximum traffic to your website, it is better to have the keywords

typed well embedded within the content of the website. Those using Microsoft word can go to the

edit button and scroll to the find icon. Then upon the typing of the specific word or phrase,

this tool checks to see how many times that word had appeared in the document.

In this way, you get to know the keyword density of your article, and thus know if the article

will generate more traffic to your website. The keyword density is the ratio of the keywords

on the page to the non-keywords of the article. So if you have 100 words on the page,

and 4 of them are keywords, then the keyword density is 4% of the text. It is always better

to aim for a keyword density of 3% to 20% as this gives you a good range in the search engines.

This will in turn greatly increase the amount of web traffic you get to your website.