7 Tips for Purchasing and Using a Microphone for Recording Audio on Your Website

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Using a microphone for recording audio on your website requires some important details about purchasing

and using that microphone. These important tips about microphones can you save you time and money before

purchasing or using a microphone.


Tip One

You have a lot of considerations for choosing a microphone for recording audio. First, decide whether you need a

dynamic or condenser microphone. A dynamic microphone is rugged and good for handling noise.

It is great for webcasts (live audio and video). A condenser microphone is more sensitive with better frequency

response and is better suited for a studio type situation.


Tip Two

You have to decide if you want a omnidirectional or unidirectional (cardioid) mic. Omni directional mics are good

for recording seminars, lectures or meetings, where cardioid mics are more sensitive to sound thus better for

recording one voice and interviews.


Tip Three

Determine your usage for the mic. Do you need a handheld mic for the speaker(s), or is a lavaliere (clip-on)

mic better for the presenter(s). Wireless mic’s are great in that you avoid cables and are easier to use.

Desk-top mics are great for panel discussions and for one person usage also. Good headsets with microphones also

have high quality for computer usage.

Tip Four

Be careful of cordless headsets for computer usage as you can get interference and ground hum from a lot

of equipment in one location. This can cause poor audio. If purchasing a headset determine if you need sound

blocking, as that will determine how light or heavy the set is on your head. Be sure a headset microphone

is adjustable on your head, and try moving the mic above and below your mouth for quality of your voice pitch.

Plantronics is a leader in microphone headsets.

Tip Five

Determine what features and supplemental supplies you need along with the purchase of your microphone.

A popshield (foam shield) can help deter those annoying ‘p’ and ‘s’ sounds.

Stands are great for speakers and panel sessions. Determine if a magnetic shield needs to be purchased

to reduce interference with computer or other equipment in the room you are recording in.

Use balanced cables for higher quality audio.


Tip Six

Listen carefully to your audio, and determine the quality. Have others critique it also.

If the audio sounds hollow or like you are in a tunnel, try moving the mic closer to the speaker.

If the audio sounds distorted, then move the mic away from the speaker.


Tip Seven

Purchasing locations for microphones are numerous. Local stores around the country include locations

like Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, Circuit City, and Radio Shacks.

Online stores are numerous and be sure to do a search on Google or Yahoo for reviews of microphones.

You’ll get some great comparisons of purchasing sites for online purchase.



Do your homework when purchasing a microphone for recording audio on your website.

There is nothing like quality audio. Experts have even said you can have a lower quality video file,

but if the audio is bad, you have lost that customer totally! They expect nothing less than quality audio recordings.

So take the time to do your due diligence before purchasing a microphone for recording audio for your site.

Of course, your budget may dictate some of that purchase to begin with, but in the long run don’t sacrifice quality

for a few dollars savings now. It will pay down the road!