Electronic Message Boards – How To Use Them

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When we talk about electronic message boards, there are actually a lot of definitions that may fit to the term.

Some people considered the electronic message boards as simply internet forums participated by people working in

the electronic field. Others also define the term as those message boards that display messages or announcements

for the students in schools; those that display the prices of the items sold in stores; or those that display the

hymns for the church people. Well, in this article, I will talk about electronic message boards that are

simply internet forums.

There are a lot of electronic message boards or forums available online these days.

These forums primarily serve as a great place for people who share the same interest in electronics to meet and chat,

and make friends. Also, the electronic message boards are a great place to learn.

It is where the newbies and the experts in the field of electronics exchange thoughts, comments, advices,

or recommendations. And, what makes it really a great place to learn is that you can post questions about machinery,

equipments, and components for the electronic industry, and receive answers from the expert members of the board.

You may even meet people from different areas in the world through these electronic message boards.

So, the question is, are you interested to find at least few of the well-known and safe electronic message boards

to discuss everything electronics? If your answer is affirmative, then this page is no doubt for you.

I have mentioned below a few of the most visited electronic message boards online.


Instrument Design Forum

This is the community that discusses issues and techniques relating to the electronics and physical details

of designing instrumentation. Perhaps what is best about this electronic message board is that when you post

a follow-up on the existing threads, their system will automatically send a notification to the person you reply to.

Your follow-up therefore will not be missed, even if you post it long after the original message was posed.

And, since this forum now contains a lot of messages, you are suggested to use to their site search for you to

find those topics that you are interested to, thus saving your time.


Electronics Manufacturing and Automation Forum

This place is but a discussion forum designed for all those who are interested in electronics factory

automation and process aspects. The discussion threads contained in this electronic message board were first opened

in year 2000, and the threads are still open up to these days. Therefore, you can post follow-ups and make contribution

to the knowledge base contained in the archives.


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Forum

Another well-known electronic message board is the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Forum (MEMS).

What actually sets this forum unique from the other electronic message boards online is the fact that it limits

its coverage on topics about polysilicon sensors, actuators, and microstructures.

However, the members of this board can also discuss about bulk and surface micromachining technologies,

fabrication process, and physical principles. Note that electronic message boards that tackle these topics

are only few these days.