Can BitTeaser’s Blockchain Ad Network Disrupt ‘Pay-Per-Click’ Market?

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Advertising is big business and as increasing activity moves online, so too do the marketing dollars.

While 2015 saw an estimated $170.5 billion (bn) spent on online advertising globally, this figure is

projected to mushroom almost 50% by 2018 to $252bn. But can anyone apart from the big guys snap up

a slice of this lucrative business and leverage the Internet of Things to achieve it?


Until recently only the big players were able to get into it. Software though has made it possible for some

webmasters to serve adverts and generate revenues based on their own traffic. Yet profiting from the

advertising sector more broadly was a complex undertaking out of reach to the ordinary punter and



Now to solve the problem, a group of future tech innovators from Denmark and the US have used the

power of ‘peer-to-peer’ platforms to throw the doors open to everyone. Effectively they are offering

anyone who wants it a piece of a pie that isn’t getting smaller any time soon.


Bit Teaser, an advertising network that combines advanced blockchain technology and a fresh market

approach that launched in January 2015, is one venture being touted by its creators as the “evolution of

online marketing”. The innovators behind it have high hopes that it will pave the way to the next stage of



That said, it could well be a bit of a David and Goliath struggle for the new boys on the block versus the

likes of  Google GOOGL +0.71%‘s AdSense, which has been used by almost two million users for blogs

and websites. The service is  a major income contributor for Google.


Indeed, just go back to earnings from AdSense in Q3 2012 and they amounted to a not inconsiderable

$3.13bn, or 27% of Google’s revenue. Fast forward to this January and AdSense earnings for users had

declined 50%-70% and AdSense publishers were questioning the massive decrease in their earnings, low

RPM and low CPC on many tech forums.