How To Build A Marketing Team That Gives You Goosebumps

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Today, we have 15 marketing employees on staff. In 2013, I was a marketing team of one.


I’m now at a place where other entrepreneurs have started to ask me for advice on scaling their

marketing team. The question I get the most from them is also the one that weighed most heavily on me

three years ago:


“Where do you start?”


Scaling a team from one to two is a daunting and crucial step. From a marketing perspective, you know

your number one goal is to generate leads in the most efficient way possible and with little-to-no existing



When making my decision on who to hire first, I took a long and serious look at the current complexity

involved in purchasing decisions and online buying behavior today. I chose not to go with a savvy startup

veteran, or an advertising guru. However, my first hire ended up laying the groundwork for Seismic’s

entire marketing philosophy and has helped our company grow from 31 in 2013 to our current

headcount of 150.


My first hire was a content marketing specialist.


Here’s why:


Content marketers are today’s jack-of-all-trades


The recent explosion of full-suite marketing automation tools can replace or automate many of the tasks

that used to belong to other marketing specialists. One or two automation tools can do the heavy lifting

in terms of design, coding, and distribution for you. However, for all marketing campaigns, you still need

content. You need someone who has superlative writing skills, can present an argument logically, and

has an inherent understanding of what works where (e.g. “is this topic better for the blog or for our

upcoming speaking gig?”). Technology has made content marketers the modern day jack-of-all-trades,

employing the content they create in every single marketing initiative.