4 Signs That Your Sales and Marketing Teams Are Out Of Sync

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In a small business, the sales and marketing roles are usually the responsibility of just one or two people. In

the beginning stages of the business, this makes communicating goals and priorities fairly simple and

straightforward. However, once a company begins to grow and forms teams for these departments, it can

be difficult to maintain this clarity & communication.


Think of your sales and marketing teams like they are two sections in an orchestra. If they’re playing

different melodies, your performance will sound awful and push away your customers. It is imperative that

everyone is on the same page and in harmony for your company’s long term success!


blog5-art5-img1When You’re on the Same Page: The marketing & sales teams

meet regularly to review analytics, problem solve opportunities,

strategize, and create solutions.

When You’ve Gone Astray: The sales team worries about making

their quota while the marketing team celebrates an increase in

blog readership, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers.


It’s not unusual for sales professionals to be unaware of the effort required to generate leads and for marketing

teams to have little knowledge of the sales process. Make sure to schedule weekly meetings between the two to

anticipate & brainstorm issues, establish shared goals, celebrate wins, and to plan ahead so you are both

supporting each other.


When You’re on the Same Page: The marketing team brainstorms ideas for helping the company and sales

team reach their monthly and quarterly goals.


When You’ve Gone Astray: The marketing team is distracted with cute pictures / videos of cuddly cats on

the internal company messenger app and social media channels instead of targeted content that will help

nurture leads. Sometimes it’s easy for marketing teams to get distracted by the hot new trends on the internet.

It’s your job to make sure everyone is on the same page, maintains focus on supporting each team’s goals,

and is not easily distracted by what’s hot on the Internet that day. Your new marketing ideas need to align with

your buyer personas and your company’s vision for success.