How PandaDoc Manages Our Team Documents Effectively

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We are tired of miscommunication and the hassle of creating documents manually, so we have been

searching for a solution to manage our documents and improve our productivity in terms of document

organizing. I’m glad that we’ve found PandaDoc.


PandaDoc is online software with the capacity to create and deliver an office team’s job quotes, project

proposals, work contracts and other sales related collateral. My team and I found out that we could

automate our entire business operations, saving time on each feature and phase. We exchanged

our outdated word processors and worn-out plugins for PandaDoc’s convenient online drag-and-drop builder

for documents and a large variety of additional outstanding options and functions, all for the benefit of our

company’s productivity and convenience.


You will discover, too, as I have, that with PandaDoc, you can configure, price and quote (CPQ) all from one

centralized catalog of your brand’s entire product and service listing. All your quotes and business calcula-

tions are automated for fast, efficient and error-free figures and facts for client information, facilitating price

adjustments and highly effective pricing tables, making your deals easy, fast and professional. My team and

I actually raised our company sales productivity by 35 percent by using PandaDoc.



My company’s deal room atmosphere and productivity improved dramatically with use of this innovative

online business software. Its analytics function reveals such valuable information as client time spent on

each section of a project, enabling you to enhance collateral. With the e-signature feature, I’m assured of

deal-closing at a much faster rate. Workflow automation cuts out busywork, facilitates faster proposal

approvals and leaves my team free to concentrate on sales.





PandaDoc provides users with such valuable and convenient benefits as the following:

  • Legally verifiable electronic signatures
  • Document analytics and tracking features
  • Access to an extensive template library
  • Ability to upload and edit or redesign any file type
  • Capacity to send docs within Google Docs
  • Commenting and collaboration in real-time
  • Free docs indefinitely when you bring in new members.

With PandaDoc, my team and I can create advanced, highly attractive and compelling documents and have

them e-signed within a few minutes.


From pricing statistics to project proposal introductions, PandaDoc covers every area of our business in its

advanced template selections. My team and I can successfully facilitate all aspects of our business docu-

ment creation, executing (signing) and sending from our in-house computer system or any digital device.


In an article that appeared in Harvard Business Review, Ben Waber and his research associates concluded,

“with about 50 executives at a pharmaceuticals company who were responsible for nearly $1 billion in

annual sales… data collected over some weeks showed that when a salesperson increased interactions

with coworkers on other teams by 10%, his or her sales also grew by 10%.




PandaDoc is an advanced, simplified means of document communication and sharing via the internet. It is

designed specifically to meet the needs of contemporary small to mid-sized companies and organizations

as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers. As a PandaDoc user, I, along with my team, am elated at the

speed, simplicity and efficiency with which we can create documents and deliver them to clients for e-sig-

nature, approving project contracts and closing deals, sometimes instantaneously. Just what exciting, inge-

nious new features should I and my coworkers be expecting from this innovative business software by the

end of 2015? We’ll be excited to find out more.


Have you used PandaDoc or any other similar software to organise and manage your documents? Share

with us your feedback and views on how to improve your document management.