Get the word out: Promoting your home business

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It’s an exciting adventure that you’re about to begin by being self-employed. It’s time to let everyone know

about your soon-to-be successful company by promoting your home business.


While hiring a marketing or public relations firm is an easy option, since you are just starting out, it may be

a tool you cannot yet afford. If this is the case, it is up to you to develop different media means to promoting

your home business.


The most obvious is starting a Web site. There are many freelances out there who would gladly do this for you

for a fee, but this is not really necessary if you have basic computer skills. Several sites are dedicated to

instructing you on a step-by-step procedure on how to create a Web site for promoting your home business.

Many provide usage for a price, but there are some out there in which you can use for no cost at all.

This would be a practical option. A free site might not offer all the flourishes of a paid-for one, but as your

first priority would be simply promoting your home business, other features, graphics and designs can be

added once the money starts rolling in and you have extra cash to spend on creating a stand out site.


Writing a weekly or monthly newsletter is also a great marketing tool in promoting your home business.

Fill the copy with your personal background, services provided and costs involved. Update your newsletter

with savings advertisements, new services offered and comments from pleased customers when promoting

your home business through a newsletter.


While posting a link or subscriber option to your web site for the newsletter is a given, additional initiative

must be taken as part of promoting your home business. Obtain e-mail addresses of several companies or

individuals who might be interested in using your services. Shoot for the addresses of actual people rather

than sending a letter promoting your home business to a general business site. You are then taking the risk

of becoming a deleted spam file.


If your home business is a local one, such as a day care or accounting service, advertise in your local newspapers

and trade magazines. Coupons always catch a consumers eye, so including them in your ad would be a key tool

in promoting your home business. Offering a 10 percent discount is always a plus.


Also, holding contests with prizes would catch they eye of a newspaper or magazine browser. Consider making

the prize a week of free service or a sales item.


Lastly, get some business cards together as part of promoting your home business. You can design and print

them using a home computer or pay a professional printer who may have additional design ideas that would

capture consumer’s attention. Distribute your business cards to individuals and companies, and post them in

every store that offers a free advertising billboard.