Searching For Information In Blogs

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There are all kinds of blogs like personal blogs, topical blogs, culture blogs, political blogs,

science blogs, educational blogs, news blogs and much more. One of the things these blogs

have in common is that they are generally good sources of information. Not only are they

good sources of information but are good sources of up-to-date information at that.


People looking for an alternative source of information will find that blogs can sometimes

offer a more in depth view or a refreshing take on current events.

One of the major benefits of information from blogs, specially from personal, cultural

and political bogs, is that it gives readers insight on the locals’ viewpoint.

For example, although news sites can offer accurate information and report facts and

statistics about important events such as the 9/11 attack or the latest Tsunami tragedy

that hit Asia, personal blogs of people who were actually there or knew someone involved

in the tragedies offer a deeper and more compelling insight on the events.

Reading political blogs would also give you a chance to know what ordinary citizens of

a country really think.


The downside with information from blogs is accuracy. Since most blogs are subjective,

information garnered from the blogs can be lopsided and even exaggerated.

Most blogs do write about facts but give commentaries as well.

When reading opinions and commentaries be discriminating and do not believe everything

written without thinking or checking out the facts by reading other blogs and sources.

One problem with extracting useful information from blogs is knowing where to start.

With more than 10 million blogs online it is impossible to search for specific information

without the help of a good blog search engine. A good blog search engine, however,

will weed out most of the noise and point you to the blogs that contain the information you need.


To help you search for information found in blogs, here’s a short list of the best blog searching

tools on the net right now.


•    Google blog search – google blog search is the fastest blog search engine at the moment

and returns incredibly relevant search results.


• – is the most established blog search engine.

It gives back the most number of results and has the most features among blog engines.

However, it can be slow and returns quite a number of irrelevant links.


•    Yahoo! Blog Search – Yahoo’s blog search is a new feature added to its news search.

The search result page is divided into two columns with the left column containing news

results and the right column containing blog results. Yahoo! blog search is best for people

who need current information but are not very particular that it be from blogs.


•    Feedster is one of the oldest blog engines. One of its useful features is that it caches blog pages.

Feedster would be useful for people looking for blog posts that have been deleted or edited.


•    BlogPulse is a search engine most useful due to its extra tools that allow users to do things other

blog engines don’t like create graphs and plot log buzz for search terms. It also has a

Conversation Tracker that’s gathers related blog posts converts them to threaded conversations.

This cool feature allows readers to follow topics they are interested in more easily.


•    And to apply for a Blog Review and possibly win an award, go to Bloggy Award!