The Blogging Phenomenon Explained!

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When blogging hit the web, it did so with a bang. Blogging is now one of the most

popular forms of communication via the web. Before, web surfers would simply browse

through sites with preformatted text on them. There was very little chance for a surfer to

comment on a site or to offer their opinion on anything. If a surfer wanted to voice their

opinion via the web, they had to start their own webpage. Starting a webpage is perfect for

some surfers, but it is way too complicated for most. In addition, starting a webpage usually

takes a small investment, which is something not many surfers want to offer up just so they

can post their views.


People today can find blog sites that offer blog space for much less than a typical webpage.

Many sites will offer blog space for free. When you begin a blog, you will notice that they are

all laid out basically the same way. Some experts will call their layout the last-in-first style.

This is a very tricky name that simply notes that the last thing the person, or blogger,

wrote will show up at the top of the blog. Most blogging software allows for this automatically.

When you sign up at a blogging site and are given your own blog space, you will likely see that

after you finish typing your post and submit it, the blogging software will automatically put

your last entry at the top of your blog. This helps your readers stay current without having to

scroll through many posts.


When you first get your own blog space, the blogging software will usually provide you

with free templates to utilize. The templates will offer you different color and pattern styles

for your blog. Some may look more feminine with flowers or pink stripes, while others will

look more masculine in style. You simply choose one of the suggest templates and the

software will set everything else up for you. If you have programming skills,

you can typically alter this to make your own style as well.


After choosing your template, you will be ready to begin posting.

The great thing about the blogging phenomenon is that you can post anything you like.

If you are feeling a little upset about your significant other or if you want to share some

political views, you can write about them and share them with anyone who reads your blog.

A blog is typically a lot like a diary. It may not be quite as personal, or it may be even

more personal. It all depends on how much you are willing to share.

You can choose to make your blog anonymous by not including your name or any contact

information. This will probably make you even more comfortable posting.

If you wish however, you can make your information known so that anyone who reads the

blog will know it is you who is posting.


Blogs are the perfect sounding board because they allow you to post and allows others to

comment on your posts. By allowing others to comment, you can truly see how others feel

about what you have to say. Sometimes they will offer applause and sometimes they will criticize.

No matter what however, by blogging you have successfully used your freedom of speech.

You should use this right whenever you can, as it is one that those before us fought strongly for

and we still continue to fight for on occasion.


Many blogs today are becoming much more complex however. Some are offering graphic options.

Web users are now using this space to display pictures they have.

Some people with family far away will use the blog to share day to day things or

special moments with their loved ones far away. By posting information and pictures,

their family and friends can log in whenever they want to check in on the blogger.

Blogs mean different things to different people. They are used as diaries, sounding boards,

or family update pages. They are very simple to use and are being seen all over the web.

Although there are few rules to blogging at this time, there is one thing that is certain.

With its growing popularity, blogging is here to stay!