What Blogging Can Do For Your Business

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There is certainly nothing new about the concept of blogging, and yet many business

owners and Internet entrepreneurs don’t seem to grasp the power of this simple strategy.

This is evidenced by the fact that many business websites do not include a blog.

If you run a business site, but do not currently have a blog, there is a great chance

that you are leaving money on the table. Regardless of what kind of business you are in,

a dynamic and interactive web log will improve customer response and add profits to your

bottom line.


Consider this:


When you use a web log as the platform for your newsletter or ezine, you can post

each of your promotions to the web, and then invite your subscribers to your blog

to view your most recent update. When readers follow the link from your email to your

latest blog post, they will not only have the opportunity to respond to the current promotion,

they will be able to browse your blog and take action on offers you made last week, last month,

even last year. Quite often when I mail my list about my latest blog post, I end up making

new sales on a promotion I did some time ago. And since my blog is linked to all of my other

web sites, it’s easy for me to generate traffic for multiple products and services with just

one mailing. And blogging is a great way to generate new web traffic for your domain.


By setting your blog software to ‘ping’ search and directory portals each time

you make a post, you can alert a large number of people about your new content

with the single click of a button. Also, search engines are more likely to spider your

site on a regular basis if you update your content frequently. With blog software,

making changes to the text on your web pages is as simple as sending an email;

you just fill in a subject line and post body, and then click ‘submit’.


You can even configure your blog so readers are able to leave comments and

questions about your articles. They don’t have to take the time to send you an email,

they can just click on the comments link and post their feedback right there on the spot.

This is one of the easiest ways possible to encourage productive interaction among your

prospects and customers. Blogging requires no special technical knowledge.

Sure there is an advanced side to this marketing strategy, but just adding a web log to

your domain and making posts on a regular basis can improve your traffic flow and

customer response tremendously