Auto responding The Easy Way

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Anyone with a Website who wants to communicate with their potential and existing customers

to increase sales conversions, Knows that most of his workload can be taken care of by

an Autoresponder. An Autoresponder should not be under estimated as they are a vital tool

for selling online, they automate the follow-up sales process, sending information at

pre set intervals and can be programmed up to 10 years ahead with the Autoresponder set

to do its job you really can make money while you sleep.


People don’t normally buy on their first visit to a web site, they like to window shop searching

for the right product at the right price. Having an Autoresponder is like a having a very cheap

salesman working 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

A website offering a free e book or download will require the potential customer to leave his or her

email address for delivery. It is then the Autoresponder comes alive. Pre set with instructions

An Autoresponder will send at a preset time a number of messages informing the customer of the

product they looked at on your site, just like a salesperson it will let them know all about the product,

what it does, why its better than your competitors, what it will do for them, and keep them up to

date with the latest news and offers by text voice or video.


Professionally done follow ups will be etching the name and product into the customer’s brain,

gaining their trust to buy from the site again and again.

Having a website these days is just not enough, there are millions of websites and hundreds of

sites offering the same sort of products. An edge is required over competitors to entice shoppers

to a site and buy. The Autuoresponder alone will not give the website the edge but I doubt the

edge will be obtained without an Autoresponder.