Digital Yearbook Project: October – February 2009.

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Online Digital Yearbook is a comprehensive yearbook system for the batch 2009 of

CSD of San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite. This is a project of my OJT’s last Summer 2008.

They are namely Demetrio Cochon, Ardee Poblete, Vanessa Mojica, Allen Muyot, Darryl and

my neighbor Marinel Prodigalidad.


It is also one of the most ambitious project I have seen for the upcoming fresh graduates.

The project has a lot of functions and details. I am closely trying to take a look of the

result of this project since this year is very promising for my OJT’s. As I had been informed

that there is (1) one thesis that they feel would be one of their major competitor in running

for the best thesis. Lets see what will happen.

You can visit the details of the website at

Based on my observation, CS of SSCR de Cavite are equipped to do complex programming,

they have a skill in developing programs and adopting to new programming languages but

they lack in following instructions. Their GROUP TEAMWORK is very strong but needs proper delegation.


Tips for the upcoming OJT’s of LNS:

-Spend time to Save Time. You MUST spend time planning the project first rather to be

able to harness everyone’s skill.The most critical part is the backbone.

Master it and you will do good in the field of Web Programming.

-Communication is the Key. You must learn how to communicate properly to the team and most

especially the Project Manager. So that the project will be in the loop for everyone especially

if the task given to you is different from the task given to others.

-Innovate. Start working or studying Flash PHP MySQL, this will be the future programming norm.

Not because you know how to program, that doesn’t mean your good.

Being a good programmer knows how to innovate.

Otherwise, programmers without innovation will definitely evaporate.


Overall, given (6) six months training in web adaptation, they will be an individual to reckon with.