What Are HTML Forms & Contact Forms?

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HTML forms and contact forms are a terrific enhancement for your website.

These are used by various companies and individuals for collecting all kinds of important information,

from answers and surveys to order forms.

A contact form is another way to display your email address as a link. When you contact a business

or website owner through a webpage instead of your own email program you are using a contact form.

If you own any type of website, adding a HTML form or a contact form will give your site interaction

between you and your visitors and, in some cases, interaction between visitors.


Some of the reasons to add contact forms to your websites include:

– Joining your newsletter

– Adding comments

– Asking questions

– Filling out an application for employment

– Answering survey questions

– Joining clubs

– Answering multi-choice polls


These are just a few of the reasons you may wish to add HTML forms and contact forms to your website.

We offer you the ability to create all kinds of HTML forms online so, all you have to do is copy

the form and then paste it onto the page you wish the form to be displayed. You will be able to

decide how many fields you need for your HTML form, name each field, choose the size of the field,

and the type of data that should be placed in the blank. You can have the contact form blend in with

the colors and text of your website or, make the form stand out by choosing the color of

text and background.

Choosing what information is mandatory is up to you, depending on what you need the HTML form for.

If you only need an email address and first name for joining your newsletter then, that is all you

have to have fields for, however, if you need to ask several questions regarding expertise for an

employment application you can add all of these with multi-choice features or blank fields for the

person to fill in.

Polls are often a wonderful way to get your visitors involved in all kinds of things,

from political questions to favorite entertainment artists or songs. With these polls,

you can post the top answers chosen by your guests, which gives them a way to interact and

be involved in your website. This information can then be used to add information to your website.

Example: If you wish to talk about celebrities, you can find out which celebrities are among the

favorites of your guests before you begin working on the topic.

This will ensure more visitors to your website to read all the gossip.


HTML forms and contact forms will be a wonderful tool that can help your business whether

you need it for employment applications, taking orders, sending newsletters, or just for fun.

Add a HTML form to your website today and begin watching the difference in website visitors.