Designing Your Ecommerce Website

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With an increase in consumers using the internet to shop and perform business transactions,

ecommerce has become the future of the online community. It is estimated that shoppers are spending billions

of dollars online each year, with a few stores even outselling their offline parallels.

Benefitting completely from the ecommerce boom can be achievable. To keep consumers coming back, you need to

create a unique ecommerce site, one that reaches beyond all levels of excellence.

When designing your ecommerce website, you should have a welcome or introduction on your home page.

This statement should establish the advantages of your site, and assure those visiting that they should be

comfortable doing business with you. State your purpose, express your beliefs, and let the consumer know why

business done at your ecommmerce outlet is always secure. A quality website has smooth navigation.


Categories to scan through and obvious search boxes on the site are a must.

Design a simple site with large, easy to read fonts and images that will load quickly.

Be sure to have a page with specific questions regarding some of your common business policies such as

shipping and returns. You may also want to have a link on your home page that leads visitors to a privacy policy.

This policy will ensure customers that you will never supply a third party with information they

have entrusted with you. It is nearly essential for all ecommerce shops to display this declaration

somewhere on their site. Just as when shopping offline, customers want checkout to be as fast and easy as

possible when visiting your online store. If your online store is equipped with a secure server,

make your customers aware. This will put them at ease and keep them coming back. Your checkout or Òshopping cartÓ

needs to be just one click away so the customer can be in and out in a minimal amount of steps.


In this day and age, it is advisable to offer a variety of payment selections such as PayPal and other

online payment sources, credit and debit cards, online checks, and money orders.

Include a contact telephone number for customer support so the customer has assurance that they will

have assistance if there is a problem with the order. Organize a special section of your ecommerce website

dedicated completely to special discounts and current sales. If you have an extraordinary amount of sales items,

create a separate webpage devoted to the ones that are most preferred, and have another page with a complete

listing of all discounts. During the holiday season, have a certain portion of our website set aside for

customers to purchase gift certificates. Producing a profitable, reputable ecommerce website can be a simple

task with a well constructed site plan, some time and patience. Taking full advantage of the ecommerce phenomenon,

you can succeed in your business marketing dream.