Common Forms Of Online Payments

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Paypal has quickly and easily become one of the most common used forms of online payments on the internet today.

Paypal is a website that allow consumers, businesses, and sellers to unite and make it an easier method of

payment for a variety of services, products, and memberships. Paypal has over 100 million accounts with their

service and there must be a reason why.

Paypal makes everything just a little easier when it comes to selling your products or services online.

For example, many online gaming portals such as POGO or Spogg have opted to include paypal as a form of

payment for their gaming communities. This saves a lot of time and hassle for a variety of people.

One specific advantage to Paypal is the fact that your customers will not have to enter their credit card numbers

over and over again along with all of their information. Paypal conveniently and safely stores all this information,

which means your customers will only have to choose the Paypal option, log in and approve the amount you are charging.

Other advantages for sellers is the fact they have free tools for use with eBay, accepting credit cards,

merchant solutions and gateways, simplified shipping and tracking, sellers protection, and low and affordable fees.

For your customers, Paypal allows them to send money from 55 countries throughout the world in many different

types of currencies. Speaking of currencies Paypal allows those purchasing items from the another country to convert

their currency into that of the sellers, making things much easier on both ends.

Paypal offers four different solutions for merchants using their services. These solutions include:

• Standard Payments

• Pro Payments (Available in the USA only)

• Email Payments

• Addition payments


Standard Payments

The standard payment option allows you to accept payments from your website with Paypal,

even if your customers do not have an account. With this option there is no approval needed, shopping cart

is not required, no commitment, no fees regarding startup, cancellation, or monthly.

Additionally, you also have the option of accepting credit cards over the phone, fax, or in person for an

additionally monthly fee.

Payments Pro

This option is an all-in-one feature, which allows you, for a low cost to get the features that merchant accounts

and gateways offer, your customers have the ability to pay for items purchased from you right on your website,

and your customers have the ability to pay you by way of fax, mail, in person, or telephone.

Paypal offers a shopping cart that you can use with their services for free.