Obtainer Online launched 09/13/2012

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After the long wait, the Obtainer Online was finally launched! The portal from Germany was put up last September 13, 2012.

This project was conceptualized and developed by LEENTech Webdesign Solutions, headed by Raymond Saga.

The website has a lot of functions, among them are online commerce of magazine, photo gallery system,

video gallery system and more. One of the challenge with this project is its German and English language version

as we want to create a progressive country language system in which the additional country can be added via admin panel.

We have also come up with a banner system designed per month or per impression to both country.

Which is also being done via admin.

Here is the sample homepage of the website.

This website works on Mobile browser and Tablet as well.

You can view the full website at http://www.obtainer-online.com.