6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

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Being a Blogger is easy, all your need to do is start a new Blog and start writing. Simple is int it? But have

you ever thought what it takes to become a successful Blogger? How Bloggers make thousands of dollars

every month? Well, answer is dedication, passion and most important they are serious about Blogging.


Lots of people try to earn money online but very few gets success. One of the best ways of earning online

is blogging. Blogging is one of the best career opportunity these days. Blogging needs lots of hard work,

research and long working hours. But one thing came into my mind can everyone get success in

Blogging? If yes, why still many bloggers fail and give up their Blogging. Why many blogs get into parked

page after a year and many people, don’t even bother renewing their Blog? The answer is the lack of

passion and motivation.


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What is takes to become a Success ful Blogger?


  1. You have  writing skills

If you have great writing skills, you can become a successful blogger. Writing is the basic skill for

becoming a blogger. Your blog readership will depend on how good your writing skills are. When I’m

talking about writing, it doesn’t mean writing like an expert, but write like an individual. You are not

writing for a book or a newspaper, as they are different. See the editorial page of a newspaper or a

magazine, and that’s the exact kind of writing which I’m talking about.


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  1. You are disciplined

Although every work or profession needs to be disciplined but a blogger should be more disciplined. A

blogger should work according to a time-table. It should divide into writing posts, commenting on other

blogs and social networking promotion. If you want loyal readers, then you have to post regularly on

your blog. If you do not blog regularly, then you will lose your readers.


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  1. You are willing to learn

A blogger should always be ready to learn. I m still a learner. I read a lot of other blogs to gain more

knowledge. Mostly bloggers share their experiences so that others can learn from them. So do spend

some time to read other blogs so that you can increase your knowledge. I’m sure you are one of those

who are willing to learn, and that’s why you are here. But even you achieve few goals and get initial

success, don’t quit reading. Reading is an essential requirement which will help you to stay updated with

the latest information.


  1. You are good communicator

You can become a successful blogger if you are a good communicator. Some people think that a blogger’s

work is over after writing the article. But they are wrong. The main work starts after the completion of

the article. A blogger needs to promote that article on social networking sites and then he should also

reply to all the comments he got on his article. You need a good communication skills for this. So

improve your communication skills if you want to become a successful blogger.


  1. You are willing to work hard

We have discussed earlier that hard work is the basis for becoming the successful blogger. A blogger has

to work day and night to find new ideas and then he has to active on all the social networking sites to

promote his blog. You don’t have to stress yourself with too much of work, rather use your time smartly

and delegate time-consuming work to your virtual staff.


  1. You are a creative person

It’s not necessary that every blogger should be a creative person, but it’s certainly an advantage for you.

Creativity is one the most important part of writing. Creative articles always attract the attention of

readers. It helps you to stand out from the rest.


Bonus: 7) You don’t make stupid mistakes

Excuse me for my word, but I know as a newbie Blogger, we all make mistakes, and we learn from it. But

the real deal is instead of making mistakes, learn from mistakes made by others which will help you to

avoid those silly mistakes. Here are few articles, which will guide you few of the stupid mistakes a

newBie blogger makes:


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These are the qualities you should have if you want to become a blogger. As I said earlier anyone can

become a blogger if he have these qualities. Please do add your thoughts in the comments section.


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