Sony eyes new platform for smart phone games

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Gamers all over the world will literally have Sony games at the touch of their fingertips, as the popular

gaming franchise is set to expand its services to the the mobile market.


The project, which is dubbed as ’ForwardWorks,’ will provide full-fledged game titles for iOS and

Android devices which would showcase famed PlayStation characters, as well as its Intellectual Property

Rights (IPR)—according to reports from technology website,


To fully accommodate their new platform, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will also be rebranded

to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) starting next week.


The announcement came months after Sony’s rival, Kyoto-based company Nintendo, released its own

version of mobile gaming app called ‘Miitomo’.


As of Monday, there’s still no indication of when we’re likely to see the first titles from ForwardWorks,

but Sony says the company will first focus on users in Japan and Asia.


ForwardWorks will begin its activity on April 1, when the SCE will make its official transition into SIE.