Microsoft heralds new universal Windows apps, announces ‘Centennial’ toolset to import Win32 apps

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At the Build keynote, Microsoft touted new Universal Windows Platform apps that are coming to the

Windows Store, including what appears to be a concerted push from Facebook.


Microsoft’s OS chief, Terry Myerson, put up a slide that shows a number of new universal apps coming

to the Windows Store, including Bank of America, American Express, the World Wrestling

Entertainment, and many more.


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Perhaps more importantly, Myerson said that Facebook’s key apps would be released as universal apps,

including the main Facebook app and Facebook Messenger.  Facebook will also bring its Facebook

Audience Network to UWP, allowing 3 million Facebook advertisers to reach Windows customers,

Myerson said.


Microsoft’s UWP apps have been the source of some controversy ever since Epic’s CEO, TIm Sweeney,

complained that with UWP, Microsoft was shutting its app store to third-party software. Microsoft has

responded by saying it will allow modifications to UWP apps. The most important appeal of UWP apps,

however, is the fact that they will run on all Windows 10 platfoms, including phones, tablets, the Xbox

One, the HoloLens, and more. That’s important, given that Windows 10 phones have lacked a number of

banking apps — the addition of American Express and Bank of America adds those apps back to those



Microsoft also announced that it had developed a “desktop app converter,” also known as Project

Centennial, to take an existing Win32 app — the format that Windows users are used to — and convert it

to an UWP app. It will be easy to bring the existing 16 million Win32 and .Net apps to the Windows

Store, Microsoft executives said.


With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Xamarin, users can use the Xamarin toolset to more easily bring

Android and iOS apps to the Windows platform as well.


This story, “Microsoft heralds new universal Windows apps, announces ‘Centennial’ toolset to import

Win32 apps” was originally published by PCWorld.