You Can Now Get Your Boarding Pass via Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger has announced a tie up with the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines where the air travellers

will receive each and every piece of information related to their travel on Messenger – including boarding



Once you book ticket online and choose to receive info via Messenger on the KLM website, the airline

will send you itinerary, boarding pass, check-in confirmation and flight status through the app.


With digital boarding pass, passengers will be able to get through security and onto their flight.


Passengers will also be able to chat with KLM support staff right inside the Messenger application.


“This is one that I’ve been personally eager to solve for a while – removing stress and complication from

air travel,” David Marcus, who leads the Messenger team, said in a Facebook post.


KLM is Facebook’s “first airline partner,” and Facebook may go for more such partners, he added.


The social networking company in a Facebook post explained the feature, “We’re proud to announce our

first airline partner for Messenger, KLM! With this integration, you can receive your KLM flight

confirmation message, access your KLM boarding pass, receive check-in reminders, get flight status

updates, and have your customer service questions answered, right from Messenger… This is starting to

roll out today and will be more widely available around the world in the coming days and weeks.”