LEENTech Network Solutions believes that every project and client relationship begins with “Knowing the client’s clients.”  And that’s the main reason why numerous clients consider us as a strategic
marketing partner. We help you define your target market and connect with them
in the most effective means possible.

The more you involve us in your interactive marketing objectives the better we understand your business and come up with creative solutions to elevate your business to new levels. Using a single firm, like LEENTech Network Solutions, we can build a cohesive brand that successful companies work so hard to create.

Strategy and Consultancy Services

We strategically help all our clients smoothly migrate their existing digital
marketing programs to our platform, in which we will make a detailed plan
centered on business goals to ensure that you will get what you need.

Content Aggregation

We manage your messages by creating relevant content to the right audiences, at the right time, across all your marketing channels

Website Design and Development

We develop beautiful, mobile ready and responsive web designs (RWD) that is more social, dynamic, engaging and
out of ordinary. We want your company to make the most of every visitor interaction – that’s why we put usability
first above everything else.

Our Company invest in creativity and technology. We make sure that your business can express itself by providing custom designs
and functional web presence because we want your audience to be inspired and engaging and not frustrated. We know that digital
design is continually evolving and new technologies make digital experiences efficient, faster and more interactive.
Our team of experienced web designers and developers are always on the lookout for current trends in
digital design technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Content Management

Responsive Design

Retina Display Design

Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing

We provide a form of internet marketing that involves the use of various social media networks in order to achieve marketing communication and branding goals. Among them are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.

Video Marketing

As technology emerge, the ‘Year of Video Marketing’ had just begun. Companies are now looking for a more innovative way to reach their market. And now, conversational videos are the ones that standout giving a more visually-appealing, quick overview of your products, services or brands without too much texts in it. In just a minute or two, your clients can easily see and understand the main information or message that you would want them to know about your company or product.

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that your digital marketing site will be on the higher rank on the search results page (e.g. Google search), and more frequently appears in the
search results list.

On-site Search Engine Optimization

On-site optimization includes all optimization done internally on your new or current website. We optimize the website and ensure it is focused on the correct keywords and built for correct indexing in the search engines.

orange-checkWebsite Optimization

Page Optimization involves complete keyword, title, and site description meta tag optimization for each page on your site to make certain your code conforms to current search engine standards. Other services we will perform include load time optimization, code validation, keyword density, and more.


Forums are discussion-driven pages on the site where users can read and comment on specific topics. Forums are a good way to increase user retention and site relevancy.

orange-checkNews Feeds

News feeds and other methods such as forums provide free information to users which in turn increase hits, links, and retention.

orange-checkContent Pages

To get a content-rich site, we can insert additional pages with related content. Each page will focus on a certain key phrase. They can offer useful tips, help, or information to readers online. Content pages can be articles from other sources, or self-written. If needed, we offer the service of writing the content for you. Along with the focus of each key phrase, the ultimate goal behind these pages is to gain inbound links from other sites and the website in general.

orange-checkBlogs (Online Journal)

Blogging is the current trend to add comments, share information and opinions, etc. to related topics. Blogs increase the number of pages on your site as well as increase retention and overall number of hits.

Off-site Search Engine Optimization

Off page optimization involves all optimization done externally for your website. In other words, we work with other websites, search engines, and other channels to boost traffic to your site.


This includes researching on which key phrases are the most relevant to your products or services and are most often being used by consumers in the search engines. We research the amount of competition which in turn helps to determine the cost to compete for top placement.

orange-checkAutomated Submissions

We perform carefully timed submissions to many major search engines (Yahoo, Google, AOL, Ask jeeves, Infospace, etc).

orange-checkReciprocal Link Building

Cross-linking websites is an effective way to gain search engine ranking. Thus, reciprocal link partners and directories help to gain your link numbers. Each reciprocal link requires an email or form submission and a code placement on the website. Sometimes the code must be placed on the home page. We will consult you prior to placing any outbound link on the home page.

orange-checkPre-Sell Pages

A pre sell page is a content-rich page with a call-to-action or link to your site. Pre sell pages are placed on other content-related site and have the purpose of advertising your product or site.


Search engines tend to give sites listed in directories more importance
because each listing is reviewed by an actual person. This is one reason why some directories charge a yearly fee for a listing (ex. Yahoo!). The fees are included in the cost of the search engine. We focus heavily on getting your
site linked from other relevant sites.

orange-checkManual Submissions

Many submissions have to be done manually. We will locate, submit, and track the status of each submission.

orange-checkReciprocal Link Directory

An automated directory system can be installed on your site that will manage reciprocal links. You will be able to approve outbound links and batch sends inbound link requests. The directory is category-based and unlimited to the number of links serviced. We commend adding only related outbound links to your site.


Quarterly or monthly keyword ranking reports are broken down by individual search engine. Included is a report of your site’s link importance-two very
important scores given by search engines.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising will increase exposure and clicks to your site. Obviously, the more clicks to the
site, the more leads generated.

orange-checkAdword Campaigns

Adword campaigns target searched key phrases specific to your services. We will setup a budget for each campaign and the targeted key phrases. Included is useful campaign tracking of leads or purchases to each landing page.

orange-checkLead Generation Pages

Lead generation pages have key phrase specific content and the call to
action(s). The user follows the steps of the call-to-action, thus converting to a purchase or a lead. This is done by the user filling out the form present on the page. Usually, lead generation pages are independent of the site and contain no outbound links.

orange-checkMedia Buys

Media buys is space you purchased on the other sites to placed banners, etc. The conversion rate lower than other advertising, but it also gives the site exposure on targeted websites.

orange-checkPress Releases

Press releases will be distributed through thousands of sites through news feeds, news inclusions, paid search engine inclusion, and more.

Other Services

Website Maintenance

Augmented Reality

Custom Programming

SEO Copy Writing

Target Keywords

SEO Monitoring

Web Analytics

Creative Campaigns

Social Engagements

Social Media Collaborations

Social Media Press Release

Reputation Management

Viral Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

We look forward to the opportunity to discussing your needs and
determining the right approach for your next project.


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