Online shopping is the future, but with competition growing it is turning into a shoppers market.

It’s time to load your shopping carts with more business. LEENTech is here to help you increase profits and grow your online storefront. We speak e-commerce, we do not believe in the concept of one –size fits all, but we do believe in niche-specific solutions.

Turn Your Shopping Carts into
Effective Selling Tools

Ecommerce web design is a matter of creativity, art, skill, and finesse. Design of your online store can make or break sales. Since realizing this trend, it has become important to make vibrant and user-friendly shopping cart solutions. And with the rise of social and mobile commerce sites, your brand identity needs to reach online buyers through multiple channels.

The Features For Your Visitors To Do More

While an exhaustive list of features are discussed below and there are always an upgrade path available, we again help you choose the features based on strategic decision on customer and business needs.

Unlimited products & catalogues

  • Manage unlimited products & categories
  • Manage configurable products e.g. tops with multi color & sizes
  • Multiple currency
  • Multiple pricing for retail & wholesale

Great shopping experience tools

  • Easy Add To Cart
  • Add to wishlist
  • Simple & secure checkout process
  • Product comparisons
  • Related Products
  • Product reviews


  • Inventory management
  • Product management
  • Product Analytics
  • Customer management
  • Order Management
  • Return & customer support

Marketing tools to promote online store

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Newsletters & Emails
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Daily deals
  • Related products

Online store powered by social media

  • Pinterest “Pin It”from cart
  • Product sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

Flexible Payment Gateway options

  • Integrates with numerous payment gateways
  • Accept credit cards from all over the world
  • Cash on delivery module for your online store.


We look forward to the opportunity to discussing your needs and
determining the right approach for your next project.

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